Olly appearance request
Boost your fun factor with the most playful Otter on Earth! Olly will bring laughs, memories, and an otter this world good time to any of your events and occasions!​

Please consider the following when requesting an appearance:

• The standard* Olly appearance is for one (1) hour.
Completion of this form is only a request and does not guarantee an appearance.
• Payment must be received prior to the scheduled appearance.
• Additional travel fees** will be added for appearances 25+ miles from Lexington, SC.

If the appearance is granted but the description of the event does not match the actual event or should the guests be unsupervised and become too unruly that Olly feels his safety is in jeopardy, Kid's Day and Olly reserve the right to cancel an appearance at any time. There will be no refunds of the appearance fee if an early termination is decided. By submitting the form below you agree to these guidelines.

Costs, availability and scope of the appearance can vary. Fill out the form below to get more information from Olly about your appearance request!

* Discount for extended time for appearances may apply pending event type

** We follow the current IRS rate for travel reimbursement 

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